The Observatory: September 2019 - Investing in our future

The Observatory: September 2019 - Investing in our future

by Litton Andrews


Our Investment in Ourselves & Technology

The team at Litton Andrews has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure our internal business processes are the best they can be and to stay at the forefront of the market we operate in. Our mission is to provide our clients and candidates with a smooth, streamlined and interactive experience that enhances engagement and provides efficiencies in the work that we do.  

Lately, we have spent a lot of time with our clients helping them to leverage technology to build robust, scalable and effective systems in their medical practices. We finally decided it was time to devote this expertise to ourselves with the introduction of a new website platform and customer relationship management system. 

After reviewing a number of CRM's over the last 12 months we decided on a cloud based platform called Bullhorn. Bullhorn is a cloud computing company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company provides customer relationship management, applicant tracking system and operations software for the staffing industry. For the last three months, we have been immersed in the world of Bullhorn and anticipate going live with the system by the end of the year. We have spent an incredible amount of time and effort building and configuring the software to prepare Litton Andrews for the year ahead.

This process has provided us with valuable insight into how medical practitioners must feel when they make the decision to implement a particular practice management tool and how much of an impact it can have on their business.

We approached this issue at LA by weighing up the advantages Bullhorn could provide to us as a CRM. Since implementation, Bullhorn has unified our entire business through better communication and standardisation of workflows for each of the four divisions (Recruitment, Consulting, Transcription and Training). It has allowed us to centralise the management of critical client information and align our internal systems. Ultimately, this provides our team with the context to better serve and respond to client enquiries. 

Differentiation is increasingly difficult in today's crowded and dynamic recruitment and consulting environment and we want a point of difference with not only what we do at LA but how we do it! Bullhorn is a fully scalable, AI-driven platform that helps us improve our internal processes to become more productive. It's capacity for automation promises increases in speed and accuracy while an open partner ecosystem creates ongoing opportunities to differentiate LA from our competitors, future proof our investment and scale our service offerings to the market. We can't wait to share this investment in ourselves with you over the coming months. 

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