Trading Places: July 2019

Trading Places: July 2019

by Cathy Litton


Welcome to the second edition of Trading Places in Medical Support: July 2019.

In order to compete in business today, medical practices must strive to access high-performing and highly skilled talent whilst maintaining the nimbleness to instantly adapt to fluctuating market trends. Recruitment is an ever-evolving environment and it is crucial to have specialised consultants who truly understand your needs and can change as the practice needs change. 

Every day we assist our clients and candidates to have an innovative and effective presence in the ‘job market’ and it is our collaborative approach which results in better placements and better service. The team at Litton Andrews work with a variety of medical practices to increase the quality and speed of recruitment by integrating best practices and resource planning, allowing our clients the access to top talent for permanent, part-time, contract and temporary positions. 

Our consultants pride themselves on years of experience and as a result have become recognised as recruitment experts within the medical/healthcare setting, consistently making the right connections between skills, culture and roles.