The Observatory: July 2019

The Observatory: July 2019

by Sally Andrews


The Observatory: July 2019 - We are excited to announce our new website!

This year at Litton Andrews, you will have noticed we have gradually rolled our new branding out into the market. The final stage of this process was rebuilding and branding our website. This has taken a considerable amount of time and effort. We have invested heavily into technology to provide our clients and candidates with the best possible platform to enhance your experience with us.

The platform we have implemented will allow for higher functioning of our operations at Litton Andrews and leverages off the use of AI and BI. We look forward to engaging with you and sharing the benefits of the technology investments we have made. We invite you to look at our new site and enjoy the experience. This is a very exciting time for all of us at Litton Andrews as we have several new projects and services being offered to the medical market place together with our new website and CRM Bullhorn. This new CRM will assist our progression into the next stage of growth for Litton Andrews.