Importance of a shortlist

Importance of a shortlist

by Sally Andrews


What does a shortlist mean….It’s a noun and best described as, “a list of selected candidates from which a final choice is made.” So, getting that shortlist correct is important to enable good decision making. So, how do you get a good list?

Simple, engaging professional services to help you create a platform of good candidates to make a final decision is imperative.

Why chance it? Why risk it? Why expose yourself and why not ask for help?

The thought of a poorly composed list will obviously lead to poor outcomes. In no other part of your business would you just take a “best guess” or chance, hope or fingers crossed approach. So why would you adopt such an approach during an employment process? Employees are the single most valuable asset in your business – so getting it wrong can be costly, time intensive and damaging to your reputation. Recruitment is time intensive. The valuable time, energy and resources required to review and screen through multiple applications for a role in your business are enormous. Then consider that most of these applications simply have no real intention, relevant experience and/or the prospect of working with you. On top of this you must consider the time you have to dedicate to communicate and respond to each and every candidate application to maintain your business's professional image and brand – Remembering during this process not to lose focus and overlook the suitable candidate applications.

However, it is a valuable way to save time by avoiding the barrage of applications from job boards like SEEK.  Consider this a highly valuable service as you are now hunting in a smaller pond of quality candidates as opposed to a large sea of many. Your search is now focussed in a clear direction and you can now compare and access different candidates quickly.

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