Cathy Litton

Cathy Litton


Qualifications: APRCSA, Diploma Human Resource Management, Cert III in Business Administration, Cert IV Small Business


Cathy is a leader in Health Recruitment in Queensland. She has worked in the recruitment industry for the past 20 years and is a qualified Recruitment Consultant with qualifications conferred from the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association of Australia. Cathy has worked in a boutique Legal Recruitment Office, Health Recruitment Businesses and has spent time working in private medical practice.

Cathy has diversified her qualifications and experience with specialisation in Human Resource Management. Having previously worked as a Human Resource Manager before embarking on her successful recruitment career, Cathy was managing health, corporate and legal human resource teams and has taken this experience with her to recruitment.

Her focus is on treating every candidate as unique to then provide tailored, straight forward and commercially sensible advice. Her ability to create seamless solutions and balance complex environments in collaboration with her clients promote long-standing relationships.

Cathy has extensive candidate networks that provide her with a competitive advantage in the market. Her well-developed interpersonal and communication skills together with astute industry awareness are her greatest strength. She understands the importance of industry knowledge informing practical advice. Her professional skills are well recognised and respected in Queensland and her ability to put people first makes her a leader in the healthcare industry.