Practice Management - It's harder than you think

Practice Management - It's harder than you think

by Litton Andrews


LA consultants can assist you with any practice management needs.  Our focus is on a collaborative approach with sustainable outcomes.

For large and small practices education and development of your employees is a cornerstone of success with business operations and employee retention.  At LA, we understand that your staff may need additional training and support, development or maybe just coaching.  Litton Andrews can offer in house service or external services to assist your staff with development of key skills in their area of practice.  Our practice management and coaching service can empower your team to better performance with education and mentoring.  The services our LA Consultants can provide include:

  • Implementation of practice systems and procedures to help streamline the flow of your business

  • Document management and precent templates can be created to individual practices to enable efficient movement of communication and improved performance of employees and your business

  • Our Consultants can add value to your practice with billing, debtor management and cash flow strategies

  • The LA Consultants are flexible with their service offering.  Our consultants can custom a package for any need you have, from helping junior staff develop skills in practice operations, including communications, insurance, and medico legal file management. LA has particular expertise with Medico Legal and Third Party Insurance work.  We can create you a tailored package to help with the management of briefs and paperwork and coach your employees with management of files

  • LA can also help with training your employees with skills in patient care and communications, surgical and theatre bookings, diary management and general customer service

  • Our consultants are available to help when your employees may need some guidance with a question or to provide reassurance. The comfort of knowing that LA is there to help and assist your staff with experience and timely help is our service offering to you

  • LA is focused on practical and pragmatic solutions with long term advantage to your business. This is paramount to your success and our working relationship with you. There are other times that LA consultants can help you with long term planning and restructuring of business operations, or to help re build and focus for the upcoming year.  LA consultants are experienced and well qualified.  They can attend to any request – large or small.

LA can work with your business at a macro and micro level.  We can also assist with practice management and general operational management.  We have a team of talent that can assist your practice at every level.  LA consultants take the time to get to know you – At LA, the better we know you, the better we can exceed your expectations.