LA Practice Start Ups

LA Practice Start Ups

by Litton Andrews


LA Consultancy is flexible to any need of your business including start-ups.  We can assist with securing your business a premise and working with you towards a lease negotiation or development and purchase.  LA also provides project management services for construction of fit outs for new practices or expanding businesses.

LA has well-established specialist health networks that understand medical practices and businesses including legal, architectural, telecommunications and construction teams (including Radiology Services) to help you and your business.  LA can help you plan and implement during the set-up phase of your practice to ensure that your new business is fully operational - including working with Health Funds, Third Parties, Insurance Companies and Medicare and Private Patients.  We are well organised and can ensure you meet responsibilities and obligations together with statutory and professional requirements.

LA will ensure this busy and challenging phase is streamlined and organised that gives you confidence with a clear and simple plan.  LA is well connected with a team of experts that can deliver a total package to you in your new practice.

LA also provides recruitment and HR services that can assist you with securing the right candidate. Onboarding the candidate and educating the right candidate with the opportunity if employment. It is difficult to interview, find time to short list and ensure the recruitment campaign is well organised.  At LA our team of recruiters and resources lead by Cathy Litton ensure a seamless and easy process for employing your team.