Why choose Litton Andrews?

Why choose Litton Andrews?

by Sally Andrews


The Principals have developed Litton Andrews to realize a significant and unique business opportunity identified in South East Queensland. This opportunity is a logical and natural extension of the businesses and relationship building that has occurred over the last 20 years of business for Cathy and Sally. As such, it is founded on demonstrated success in the Brisbane area and Southeast Queensland market and underpinned by more than 40 years of combined success by the Directors.

At Litton Andrews, you can be confident that our skilled and dedicated teams of specialist consultants will find you the best talent match for your business. We understand at Litton Andrews that your business is unique, and we make time to get to know your individual business requirements.

Collaborating with Litton Andrews will add value to your business. We are dedicated specialists in the field of health care recruitment and medical consultancy. Litton Andrews will take care of the of the total recruitment process.  We manage the process with multiple candidates and stakeholders. Litton Andrews consultants always work hard to provide you with a cost effective, valuable recruitment service, which will save you time and money. Litton Andrews Consultants and staff are dedicated to cultivating long lasting relationships.

Litton Andrews is designed to deliver recruitment solutions for small boutique businesses or large scale companies with mass recruitment needs. We can also assist with temporary placement of staffing needs with a dedicated ‘Temp Desk” that is there to ensure quick and reliable service to you.

There are other occasions where terminating, managing poor performance or contact negotiations may not be a skill set or desire of the practice.  The Litton Andrews consultants can help with managing your team to better performance.

At Litton Andrews, we understand some business have their own internal Human Resource Teams and can handle the recruiting process in house. Litton Andrews has and will continue to work in cooperation with HR departments in any capacity.   We also understand this infrastructure may not exist in some business and our team at Litton Andrews can help you when you cannot find the right person or have a confidential role to fill.  The Litton Andrews offering can also assist your business if you are overloaded with applications and need help with managing the process. We are flexible and dedicated to working with you and your business.

Litton Andrews has strong networks in the medical and health industry that can be used to your advantage. It’s all that we do.